January 2, 2009


Sometimes I sit here and wonder what people think about me. I know I shouldn't really think too much because its mind over matter... I don't mind and they don't matter, but its natural to have those little curiosities, right?

I wish that I can jump out of my body and take a look at myself from others' perspective. I'm sure there would be a few things that I would change about myself... and I'm not just talking about physically either.

I wonder if others really take a minute to think about how others may view them. Bitches, especially. Do they know that they are bitches? Someone should really tell them, "Girl... you're a bitch". But of course, we are all too polite to do such thing... or at least I'd hope we are all polite enough to be courteous. How funny the world would be if we all stopped being so polite.

LOL... the thought of it just cracks me up!


  1. I think when the world stop being polite you get THE REAL WORLD! Any updates on that? LOL

  2. Hahaha... I can't say anything! I swore and put it on mine and Sam's relationship! I wouldn't even tell him! LOL