January 5, 2009

Cancun, BEACHES!! (lol)

We're in the process of booking our CANCUN tickets!!

Man... thank goodness I have great friends who didn't even let me do any planning on my Bachelorette weekend in Cancun. They spend sleepless nights shopping around for the best deals and stuff, I don't know how I can thank them. Thing is... I didn't even have to ask! They're all looking forward to it, sometimes I think more than I am! I'm nervous!!!

I've asked the girls to not make the week seem like its all about me, because I don't want it to be like that at all. We're considering it our group trip... before any of us get hitched! I'm the first to go out of our group. Scary, I tell yah!

We're going snowboading/skiing in Idaho in two weeks. I was going to bail out because I honestly can't afford it... especially when I have a wedding that I should be saving towards... but my girls insist! Matter of fact, everything's already taken care of. Really looking forward to this. I am determined to not fall as much this year. HAHAHA!


  1. Umm, you're not supposed to plan your bachelorette party weekend.. unless you're me!

  2. Hey now! We tried to plan yours too, but you just had too many criterias and already had what you wanted in mind, so yeah... you sorta chose to plan yours. :)

  3. I was just mmaking a joke. Well, I just know what I wanted as far as theme/feel (I should have some say in that right?) and what I didn't want to do.. like wear tiara, do embarassing things, the typical, etc. That still left the door wide open.

  4. Oh and I got the bachelorette party I wanted!! So yea, it's all good!

  5. Oh and got to jump on Audrina too, LOL!