January 26, 2009

Oh KIDS...

So I just had a very interesting dinner with my nephew. He told me some very interesting things and I also told him a few little white lies. Oops!

Justin: How do babies come out of their mommies?
Aunt Thyda: Through their belly buttons.

Justin: What's a husband?
Aunt Thyda: When a boy and a girl get married, the boy is the husband and the girl is the wife.
Justin: If someone tries to kill my wife, I'm gonna beat them up!
Aunt Thyda: o_O

Justin: A girl tried to marry Kennth.
Aunt Thyda: WHO?
Justin: Her name is Luc. And Kenneth married her back.
Aunt Thyda: How do you know?
Justin: Because they sit by each other on the bus like a thousand times!

Oh... and he also tried to sing my ringtone. And if you've heard my ring tone... yeah. LOL! Ahhhh... I love that little man!

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