May 31, 2012

Sleeping Beauties!

Brayden is asleep with his Daddy... that means I get some time to myself... which means... BLOGGING!  Don't get me wrong... my Baby is a really good baby and doesn't give us too hard of a time, but when he's awake, I would much rather play with him than anything else.  :)

Yesterday, I took pictures of him as he was falling asleep.  This is the process of him falling asleep:

1. He looks at you
2. He looks around a little
3. He smiles a little
4. He gets drowsy
5. Totally knocked out!!

AND... here he is when he is actually deeply asleep:
OH... it was a good dream, alright!

I am so blessed with the sweetest Baby... and so thankful that he is such a happy little one! :)

Love him so so so much!

Okay... going to go back and spy on my two boys sleeping.  Toodles!

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