June 30, 2009

Miso Heppy!!

So glad I went out to Happy Hour with the girls tonight. I was extremely late and if I was them, I would have kicked my ass! LOL!

It was fun catching up, but I swear I could have stayed there a few more hours. I ate too much for my own good. I feel so bad! I ordered so much sh*t because I figured we'd just have separate bills like we usually do. Little did I know that they didn't let me pay for jack sh*t... not even a dime! Seriously... I think I ordered like 10 plates by myself! Ugh! Luckily I only had one glass of wine, or else I would have felt even more guilty. My last happy hour with the ladies before I become a married woman and I move on out of here. Damn. I know I haven't really seen them much, but it was comforting knowing that they're like... right there. What the f*ck am I gonna do now? :( They all promised they'd visit and they know that I will... so hopefully it will be alright.

Speaking of moving... I am crossing my fingers and toes tonight praying for this one. Please please pleeeeeeeeeease let this house be it so we can get on with it already. I went to IKEA today and the sale was awesome. If only I had a house to shop for already, dammit! BUT... sale ends on July 5th, so I still have 5 days to hope! Eeeek!

Need to get packin' for Cancun! I have my bikinis ready... mainly from my Bridal Shower. I love them! Ahhh... if only I knew how to swim! LOL

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