February 22, 2011

Sweet Reunions

This past weekend, my friend Thuy (who I have known since 6th grade) came to visit.  My old friend Jamie (who I have known since 1st grade) recently moved down to Los Angeles... a few blocks away from a makeup showroom that I am affiliated with. We had a little reunion and it was so amazing to finally catch up on 13 years.  We would usually see each other briefly at times (once every few years), but this was the one time that we actually got to sit down and really talk.  They were sweet enough to come to my wedding, but of course, there was no way that I could have held a two minute conversation with them then. 

It was interesting to see how much we have all grown up and to see what lives we are living today.  Though its been so long since we have had a slumber party like this, it was nice to have one though it was over a decade late.  Reunions are always so sweet and this is just that... sweet.

I think that from now on, we are going to do a better job at keeping in touch and being a part of each other's lives.  Now that Jamie is a lot closer, I think that I will be seeing more of her and Thuy has two more reasons to visit often.  :)

Oh... and I HAVE to mention this.  I still bring up the story from first grade where I insisted that Jamie choose "pink" to be her favorite color (our teacher split us in groups according to our favorite colors), but instead, she chose "purple"!  I was really really upset at her for not doing what I told her to do (choose pink) and I think I said that I didn't want to be her friend anymore or something.  I don't know why this story still sticks with Jamie and I, but it does and I will always remember it.  Now that I am older and I am really thinking of it, WHY was I such a bossy brat and WHO am I to tell her what her favorite color is?  I really really hope that I am not still this bossy.  If I am, slap me! 


  1. hahahaha i can totally picture a younger you telling someone to choose pink as their favorite color and then being upset when they didn't. so cute. it's nice to be able to meet up with old friends and just catch up. brings back memories, and keeps you young. Just recently, my friends from my previous job emailed me and brought up all the crazy things we all did...but oddly, they kept bringing up times of me tripping, falling, stumbling, messing up. apparently i entertained them way too much. good times.

  2. WE need to have a reunion! Can you call me again please? I suck at calling people back and I pretty much have today wide open! Actually, just come visit me already because WE need a reunion ourselves! Seriously... never a dull moment with you because I have someone to trip, fall, stumble, mess up, and get lost with!! Yayyyy! I really really miss you... not just saying it, I swear! Mwuah!!

  3. i miss you chraen chraen! we def do need to have a reunion. I'm busting butt for a promotion right now, so once things settle down, i'll be heading your way! (hoping for June...just bc that's probably when I can breathe from all my daily chaos.) i LOVE spending time with you - some of my bestest memories are with you! XOXOXOX

    and yes...i'll call you. sorry - i would've called but i didn't get your response until today wahhhh (snooki style) HHAHAHAHAAAAAA