October 19, 2009

Truth Hurts...

Sure does!

Right now, the truth is that I need to freakin' whip myself into shape somehow, someway. I know it sounds sort of superficial since I have tons of other things to worry about, but its really not. I feel myself being LAZY or TIRED when I'm at this state and I am beyond ogre status! Seriously... I just need to do the damn thang already!

Sam and I decided to go for a run today. Actually, I decided to go because I'm committing myself to 45 minutes of cardio at least four times a week. And that, my friend... had just started today! :D Whooo... I feel great knowing that I did it and have loads of energy, but my legs feel like they are wiggling off! No joke! Tomorrow, I shall do it all over again and this time with less panting and more smiling. Speaking of panting.. I do need new work out clothes! HAHA! Workout clothes is always my motivation to work out but isn't trying it on and getting out of it a work out in itself? I always thought so. o_O

Trying to organize my life and at the looks of my calendar, I have absolutely nothing planned tomorrow. YAY! AND... Sam isn't working. Well, this could be a bad thing because I really do need to get some things done. I vow to stay off facebook as much as I can. I've been pretty good, actually. I only go on to go to my profile (duh!), respond to MY messages (because I'm responsive like that), and look at MY pictures!! HAHA... just kidding... for the most part at least. Oh... got some pictures from SoJo's birthday party!! Hold up... only saved a few that were uploaded... I like the pictures of the girls... guys just ruin everything! :D

Here we go...!!

A few from my phone:

My handsome Husband and I...

Jackie, Thyda, Aida... all here for Sovi!

Jackie, Thyda, Sovina... love these California girls!!

Now... from a different camera!

Would you trust yourself with these two faces when you're drunk? I know I wouldn't!

Lets get the party started!!!

Excuse the mess... I literally had 10 minutes to get ready after smelling like chicken all day!

MAN!! I'm still upset I didn't have time to get ready and go all out! Boo! :(

Myself with the pretty ladies!!

Hold your cup up... and shut up!!

Damn... and here I was thinking we didn't get any pictures! LOL

I see Aida and Jenny about to drink from their right hands... tsk tsk! Oh wait those are chasers... NM!

Shot, Shot, Shot, Shot, Shot, Shot!!!

While I'm posting pictures... let me just drag and paste a few that I was tagged in from FB! HAHA..!

When I first moved down to CA... I was parking lot pimpin' with these girls!

From Laughlin... haha... I thought this was a cool picture that Mikal took!

I looked like I was struggling while Sivhui was just chillin'. Sad, son!

"Help me! Help me!"

Nara and I at Elisa's wedding... awww... my camera made our faces look hella white, but we'll just claim that we're "glowing"... I guess!

Sam took this picture of me last night after I decided to play makeup out of boredom in the middle of the night! LOL... kinda scary looking, but I like the old fashioned type of look... sorta. Many lessons learned though... no shimmer on up close pictures. I look like I just came out of a frying pan!!


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