October 15, 2009

Was it for real?

I am still wondering... was it for real? I've never been treated like that before... I was totally living the life! Did they not realize that we were nobodies? I mean... I could have easily thrown out my own trash or put my own sugar in my coffee... but they wouldn't let me. One of the wardrobe stylists said, "don't you worry your pretty little head... we're here to take care of you". Should I be offended? I mean... did I seem that incompetent? Haha! I guess I shouldn't be complaining. WAIT... I'm not complaining. I'm just reminiscing and trying to relive the feeling but just realized I'm back to getting my own coffee... dammit!

I met a lot of great people yesterday... talented people! I'm inspired... again.

Oooh... you know that show, "NEXT" on MTV? Well, I met one of the people who created the show! He was so cool and was so nice and actually gave us the low down and the dirty scoop. Oh my... how crazy some of the things I've learned can be. One thing is for sure... show biz is not what it seems on TV. Come on... it takes a week and a half to film a 30 second commercial? Are you kidding me? There are so many people involved in everything. In our part, we sat in a car and there were at least 10 people surrounding the car just waiting to wipe down the windows if there was any drop of rain on it. Its insane! I had at least 4 different people fix my seat belt for me. Who does that?

Anyway... the commercial airs in March and I just can't wait! I still can't believe its real... someone pinch me!

I know its not a big deal since its such a short/small part. Its a three second non speaking part, but its a big deal to me, okay? LOL!


  1. Thyda Lim! I am so proud of you!!!! I always knew you were a star. Sandy's show airs in March also. I have two superstars to look out for! :)

  2. Oh snaps! I didn't know you read my blog, Ranns! HAHA... thanks honey! You know.. its a 2 second (if that) appearance and some are probably like, "whatever... no big deal"... but shoot... it is to ME!!! Hehe... it was a great experience and my heart still pitter patters when I think about it. :D Love ya!!