October 6, 2009


Washington will always be home to me (its hard to choose one city when really, I'm all over the place and have lived in many different "cities" there... every few miles is a different city, it seems).

I am honored and thankful for Elisa to even considering me to be her MakeUp Artist for her big day. Even more so when she flew me up there for that reason. Weddings are all so different and so fun! I have been on both sides of the situation now and I truly understand the stress and pressure that the Bride and wedding party go through. Its a lot of work and each married couple deserves a nice long vacation right afterward... I guess thats why there's such thing as a honeymoon, right? Anyway... I learn something new everyday and I've learned and taught myself quite a bit at this wedding. One thing is for sure... I need to be more confident with my work. I wish I would have had time to take pictures and focus on the makeup, but I didn't. I didn't sleep for two nights prior so I was pretty out of it. Hehe... more details later, perhaps!

I got to hang out with my Family... that was very important. Yes, I managed to yell at the kids... just like usual. Haha! Love my Parents... I've missed them a lot.

Okay... update more later... much more to say.

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