October 29, 2009

Yay... play with me!

Wow... I am actually shocked to see that others have responded and voted on the poll I put there on the side of this blog. Thanks for voting and keep voting because you have another day to do it. I figured it would be fun since I'm so into the show... mainly for their clothes! HAHA... its true! So... what do you think? Hmmm...?

Maybe I should make this a more interactive blog? It seems like no one ever really responds to me (okay they do... occasionally), so I'm really just talking to myself. I don't mind talking to myself... I really don't. BUT... its just funny and fun to actually have someone talk back to you. So... talk back to me, please!

Inspired by the Cheesecake Factory, I whipped up some Cajun Jambalaya Pasta last night. My brothers in law, my nephew, and their friend came over before basketball and they killed it! I really liked it. Anthony (my nephew) said it was too spicy, but too bad for him because thats how I like it! :) Too lazy to post any food pictures on this thing. Find it on FB.

We bought our tickets to Seattle last night (finally). Looking forward to our family reunion and it just so happens to be Jenn's birthday. Its also Pearly's birthday, but wouldn't be able to make it there. It was nice catching up with her this morning. She's been going through a lot lately and sometimes, its just nice to hear from a friend showing that he/she cares. Once I found out what had happened a few weeks ago, I called her right away. I know the feeling of going through tough times and sometimes, it only takes a phone call/text message/fb message from a good friend to make you feel better. Its times like that when you realize who your true friends are when they show that they are there for you through those dark moments. Love the girl... miss her!

Still don't know what to do for Halloween... slowly being convinced to go to the party at The Reef. Maybe... but I'm sort of lazy. Its tomorrow and I don't even have a costume yet. Heck... I don't even know what I want to be! HELP!!

I wonder what everyone else is doing/going to be for Halloween. Care to share?

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