October 28, 2009

We need to STOP!

We really really do. Two people should not be visiting Costco more than once a month. We're there about every week! Our original plan was to only pick up our pictures and this collage I had ordered (which is so cool, by the way), but tell me why we ended up spending nearly $200 yesterday on groceries that we probably don't even need. Okay fine, they're not all groceries, but they are household items that are probably necessary, but really... Costco sizes? Our place is getting a bit crowded and our fridge is overflowing. I have an addiction to buying things. Correction -- I have an addiction to buying things I don't need. Sam calls it "ka'pek ka'pok" stuff.... which is true. What's wrong with me?

From now on, I am going to try my best to reduce the number of things that I buy. I hope to not pay a visit to Costco again until another two months (except for the times when I need to pick up pictures... again).

BUT... the coupon book is just screaming my name! I'd feel like I'm missing out on a good deal if I don't use those darn coupons! Why did we spend $200 to save $18? HAHAHA! Its ridiculous. We need to stop... right now!

On another note, I made shrimp ceviche and fish tacos for the first time last night! Those who are my FB friends would know that I've made attempts at cooking and its not half bad, if I must say so myself. Sam is the worst (or maybe best) food critic ever! He notices every little thing... even if you are missing a few grains of salt! Its annoying... but at the same time, I'm thankful for his honesty. Now, he's actually really loving/enjoying my cooking and yesterday, he even told his parents that I'm a great cook. Very surprising because the guy doesn't give compliments to anybody. Just kidding... he's not that bad. Another ego boost for me! Whoopty doo... because I really need one, right? ;) (thats sarcasm just in case anyone didn't catch that). Back to what I was saying... I ate so freakin' much last night! I seriously was in such food coma that I don't think I even moved once in bed!

For those who don't know.. Southwest Airlines is having a 72 hour sale. Check it out! southwest.com

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