October 27, 2009

Photo Updates?

THIS is the TShirt that I got and have already worn it to bed once! :D

Ladies... if you are not going to be in the sun and are going to be indoors or take pictures with flash, please avoid using any SPF. It reflects light and can make you look ghostly pale with the flash. See above.

We are waiting for our dinner... hoping to see some hot sweaty pirates. Okay maybe not.

My sexy dark pirate! LOL! He was such a good sport!

At Mai Tai... what a fun night it was!

We finally had our girls' night... long overdue!! I always have a nice time with them... some of the sweetest, caring, and thoughtful girls you'd ever find! :)

Oh my gosh... our highly anticipated dinner at Guppy's! I couldn't stop thinking about it all week!

If I dazed off in conversations that week, its because I was thinking of this bad boy! It was sooooo yummy! (How do they run out of mangoes???)

Spontaneous Yogurtland Venting Pow Wow last night with Sovi and Yacky! Guess which one was mine!! HAHA... the fullest one, of course!

Why is it that I miss my Husband more now when he works overtime than when I was living a thousand miles away? Ahhh... weird.

Been working on a few new things and trying to organize my life (still). I can't even keep my bedroom in order because I have too much junk and when I am doing one thing, I get distracted and think/do another. Its horrible!

My brain had been stimulated the past few days... its a great, yet painful feeling. Now, I need to exercise my body. There are too many good foods down here and too many dessert joints (Guppy's, Yogurtland) for me to not. Although I must say that I did get asked if I have lost weight. Whoa... ego boost! Utilized my handy dandy Target scale and it looks like I did. Ain't stoppin' me now. I would still like to lose 35 pounds. Is that gross? LOL!

I can't believe its Halloween again already. No way am I spending over $50 on a costume I will wear once. HELL no. Call me cheap, but do you know how many clearance items I can get with that money and for sure I'd wear it more than once? Psssh! Which totally reminds me... need to consult with Sam to see what our plans are. Actually, just sent out an email to our friends. I hope they're up for hanging out with me. HAHA!

Alright... sort of late for my date with the beach. I usually cancel on it, but not today. HAHA!

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