October 23, 2009

Quick Update!!

Okay. Its been a few days since I've posted in here. Let me just take a few minutes (okay more than a few since I am on my phone right now) to update!

On Wednesday night... Sovina surprised us and brought us to Pirates Dinner Adventure for her birthday!! It was so thoughtful of her because we've never been. So much fun!!! We all really enjoyed ourselves there with a bunch of little kids! Of course they needed volunteers from the audience and all four of us happened to be the lucky chosen ones. Sovina and I were teamed up and we were in this competition with some other teams and of course, we won!!! Haha! The actors/entertainers were SO talented. I was beyond mesmerized! Ahhh! Thanks Sissy for such a wonderful time!

Last night, we went out to Mai Tai bar with Sam's coworkers and of course, Sovi came to my rescue and kept me company again! One of Sam's coworkers celebrated her birthday there and she complained on how she felt old and she just turned 24! What the heck! I admit... I still think 24 is old and am not accepting the fact I am turning 25 so soon. No way, jose!!

I got them drunk off my games... as usual! Those games are evil. I do need to come up with some new ones though! LOL!

We walked over to Gameworks and met up with Aida, her BF who is visiting from France, and his friend. They were so into video games... Unbelievable! We made our way to the karaoke lounge there and sang a few of my karaoke favorites. Then suddenly the manager at Gameworks brought us some yummy sangrias and said it was on the house. Sam and Jordan were sitting behind us, but I don't think the dude knew that those were our guys. Haha! Oops!

Finished it off with yummy spicy duck fried rice... came home and knocked the heck out! Ahhhh!

I've been working on a little project of mine and I swear... my brain is toasted! Sam came home and took the laptop away from me... it was THAT bad! I needed a break anyway.

Now... gotta get ready for dinner and Guppy's with the ladies! Its been awhile since we sat down and caught up with each other so I'm really excited!! Oh... And I've been thinking of brick toast and shaved ice all week long, its ridiculous!!

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