October 17, 2009

When Shall I Sleep?

I don't know why I procrastinate the way I do. I am easily distracted and its really killing me... how do I change that?

The guys came over for Poker as usual and I whipped up some firecracker chicken drumsticks and grilled beef and prahok for them. I was really disappointed in the prahok this time around and I think I know why... it was the different brand/type of prahok that I bought. I did it the exact same way I did before but for some reason, this one wasn't as yummy. :( Lesson learned.

I'm trying to organize my life and after all the tools that I've tried to use, it had only improved slightly. I just found another new tool tonight (not new to the world and not new to me either but I just didn't have an interest in trying it before... now I regret not trying it earlier. FML.)... so hopefully this one will get me on track!

Sovina and Jordan's birthday celebration tomorrow... well, today. What to wear? I have no idea. Sam doesn't know what to wear either. After tryin' to help her figure out some things, I think I enjoy planning/organizing events... just not when they are for myself.

I stress too much... not a good thing. Over things I shouldn't even stress about. Even my horoscope told me to calm down. What the heck!

Okay... yawning pretty badly. Goodnight!

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