October 21, 2009

Thursday Funday!

So to thank us for taking care of them, Sovina and Jordan are taking Sam and I out today. They really don't have to, but they insist. Its a surprise so I have NO idea where we are going. I'm so nervous, yet so excited!

Its nice to have good friends around... especially when you're in a totally different environment. Sivhui and I got to hang out for a bit yesterday and it was nice to just sit down and catch up with her. Oh... and I earned myself a shirt at Yogurtland! How cool is that? :D

I miss my friends back at home. Seeing their emails and pictures and posts make me really sad because I'm not there with them to join in on all the fun that they're having. Can't wait 'til one of them come and visit me soon. I know everyone's busy though... which is a good thing, but I just miss them!

Halloween is next weekend already? Okay... so we were invited to the Lok's party... and then also another party... but we also have some friends who might be coming in from out of town that weekend. WHAT to do? It'd be rude of me to invite them to someone else's place, right? (Just saw it on The City last night where Sami invited these people to Whitney's Ex-Boyfriend's Roommates, BBQ when she was a guest herself who was invited by Whitney) WHO DOES THAT?!?! Haha... it was pretty funny... I was amused.

Okay... lots to do on the agenda before Sam gets home and we get picked up. Hope everyone has a great Hump Day today!

EDIT: Okay... I was gonna edit this, but decided not to and am just going to leave it because it cracks me up! (Check the comments for details... LOL!)


  1. Oh... My... Gosh!! HAHAHA... it IS Wednesday, isn't it? I'm so stupid. LMAO!!!!! Thanks Jeffrey for correcting me!! LOL!!!

  2. I dont' think i have ever commented on your blogs but this was too big of a mistake not to correct. :) hope all is well!!