April 4, 2009

Good Times...

So last night, Mary and I had a hot and steamy and sweaty date.... at the gym! Well, it turns out that I had to babysit my nephew and the kids' club hours at the gym closed earlier than I had expected and although I don't have a kid, I had to find a babysitter (WTF, right?). So... I couldn't find one in time and we couldn't work on our fitness like Fergie (lol). So Mary ended up hopping in my car and we sat there contemplating if we should find alternate ways to SWEAT since the gym was a no go... all while my nephew was in the car. We decided... we HAVE to sweat somehow. HAHAHA...!

I ended up calling my Mom and she was over at my Brother's house (just hanging out with the fam) in north end Tacoma and she felt sort of bad that I couldn't go to the gym as I wanted, so she told me to drop him off with her and my Dad and I can go wherever. (She was surprisingly so nice about it) SO... I had ten minutes to go home and change into club socially acceptable clothes (still VERY casual and the only things that were bare was my hands.... I had a wrap type sweater on... haha... I was cold and didn't have time to dress up nor shave my legs!!). Then, I had to drive out to north end Tacoma (about 30 minutes away), drop off Justin, then drive back right in time for Mary to pick me up.

We had a few options. Party at Spitfire, Parlor Room, or Tig's with the girls. We're like... VENOM because we are so loved there! We said that we wouldn't "eat candy" (drink alcohol), but for some reason, Zac ended up getting us three shots of Patron (not all together, of course)... Roth got us another shot, and two other random dudes who we didn't know ended up getting us each another shot. I couldn't take my last few, so I handed them off to Mary and Roth (secretively). I didn't realize how much I'm weak sauce now. I was pretty drunk and I didn't even take all my drinks, and Mary was barely drunk and she took all of hers AND a few of mine. Weird! Maybe I'm getting old?

I had sooooooooooooo much fun... even when it was just the two of us! We were about to leave to Parlor, but didn't make it out the door, so we stayed at Venom the whole night. We were supposed to leave early, but WHY were we still there when the clean up crew came? Oh yeah... Mary had to pee!

OH MAN... first time I've been out in awhile and it was perfect! What a way to get back into the game!

Now, I have to go make up for all those empty calories consumed and so I have to hit the gym (for real this time). I hope I'm not still hungover because that would NOT be a pretty sight on the treadmill. Yikes!


  1. hahaha it was good seeing you thyda. it has been way too long!!! but yea last night was pretty interesting haha

  2. Interesting in a good way... I hope! LOL

    What does Gio mean, "Thyda bouta take over" when I was walking back to the dance floor? OH... its because he saw me battling those two guys with my running man and roger rabbit? LMAO