April 16, 2009

No No's!!

So many No No's this past weekend that I am going to have to stop doing. Ahhhh... lets get some visuals!!

No more PATRON... or any other alcohol at that. (Okay... maybe just one)

No more ruining people's pictures (but its SO fun!)

No more after the club HOT DOGs! (but they're sooooo good)

No more hustlin' the Hot Dog guy for a discount (he ain't ever gonna budge no matter what I say! lol)

No more drinking in the car (even when someone else is driving!)

LOL! Oh man... lets see how long this lasts. Weekend is here already (almost)!


  1. omg after club hot dogs are the best!!!!

  2. omg i KNOWWWWW!!! its probably my one biggest weakness. AND... I'm usually drunk so I don't make very good judgments when it comes to BAD yet yummy food at the time. Ugh!