April 23, 2009

My Lullaby...

Thanks to Thuy for reminding me on Twitter of MY song... I am going to go to bed sleeping to it.

Can you guess what song it is?!?!?! *drum rolls*

Ahhh... I can't wait to finally dance with HIM to this song. He's so amazing... only 4 more weeks and then I'm back in his arms! Its been a crazy few months and I'm surprised that I was able to handle this. I'm getting so teary eyed just thinking about him and visualizing our wedding and our entire lives together. Its such a great feeling being in love and knowing that someone loves me as much as he does. Getting married at the age of 24 seems a bit young... but I think I am just blessed really early! :P

OMG... so I think I got Thuy hooked on Twitter! (Thuy is one of my old middle school best friends! She was one of the other two Asian girls in the entire school! Thyda, Tu, Thuy... we were known as the 3T's!! HAHA! Oh... and Thuy and I were also in this other girl group called "G.W.A." that stood for "Girls With Attitude", but that deserves a blog entry of its own! Ahhh... the memories!) Anyway... so a few nights ago, she messaged me on Facebook blaming me for her not sleeping until WAYYYYY late because she was on my Twitter page and couldn't get off. The next night, same thing... she couldn't sleep because she was hooked on Twitter w/o an account. Now, she officially has a Twitter account and I'm guessing she loves that thing! I just updated 7 minutes ago, and just now, I got a message sent to my phone saying, "Thuy nudged you to update your Twitter". LOL... 7 minutes between posts too long for you? Oh my! I don't think she'll be sleeping much anymore! Wuahahhaha!

Okay... now back to my lullaby and dreaming about my handsome Husband to be! :)

Sweet dreams, everyone!

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