April 30, 2009


I hate being sick.

(from Tahoe 2008 trip... check out the snot drippin' on my thumb! lol)

Its kind of funny how I said I threw up on FB and so many people assumed that I was pregnant. I even got private/personal messages asking me because they thought maybe I just didn't want people to know yet. LOL... NO I AM NOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT PREGNANT!! And if I was, then I'm totally being ripped off because I'm still having my period now. Though I don't know how one can be pregnant without sex. Miracle, perhaps?

Theraflu isn't that bad. I actually sorta kinda like the taste. LOL!

Okay... back night night I go.

I know I say this in almost every single entry, but damn... I miss my Baby!! 23 more days... I can't wait to run up to him and jump in his arms! I wonder what else he has planned for me! :D I love to love him!


  1. good luck, and hope you get better very soon...

    theraflu's no too bad, imho. but lord help us if any of us ever need tamiflu.