May 1, 2009


Totally trying my best to think positive. Its so beautiful out and I know that I will be okay enough to go running outside or maybe look at the garden, stand there and contemplate if I should try some gardening before I decide not to and go back in the house for some ice cream! LOL

I was reminiscing about the girls' trip to Vegas a couple years ago... best trip EVER!! If Cancun doesn't work out, we're going to find an alternative and wherever we may go, it will be a blast. I love being with carefree people who don't get their panties bunched in a knot or are really anal about things... that gets SO annoying. Especially love the fact that they don't do things to please others and are OKAY with just being themselves and living the moment. :)

I feel swollen.... for being in bed for so long. LOL... what to do now?

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