May 17, 2009

Just Sew You Know...

After visiting all the Khmer tailor shops in Long Beach with my Mom and Sister... I really wish I knew how to sew. My life would be so much easier (I'd think). LOL! I wonder if there's a way to learn how to sew on YouTube! I mean... you can pretty much learn how to do everything else on YouTube... why not sew?

I'm so excited to get my dress next month. French (beaded) lace at $100 a yard? Yeah... this shit better be worth it!! (I know that paying $100 a yard for some fabric seems a bit extreme, but its so pretty! :D)


  1. 100 dollars a yard?!?! damn girl you better start some sewing lessons now lol

  2. Haha and that doesn't even include the other fabrics and the cost of labor. Raz... please pray it will be worth it! I'll learn how to sew you socks (though I can imagine that being pretty hard)!