May 26, 2009

My Trip... so far!!

Okay... I'm going to assume that this will be a somewhat lengthy post... or maybe I should just break them up into sections? LOL... okay... I think I shall! :D (Probably won't get to post everything now, so I'll continue throughout the day or the next few days!)


My flight was supposed to depart Seattle at 10:25pm. Meaning... I left for the airport around 8pm (well, I was supposed to, but truth is... I was there around 9:15pm... LOL... and I live about 15 minutes away from the airport). My Sister dropped me off and I thought I was flying with Delta (it said so), so I went to check in and it turned out that it was being operated by Northwest (then why the heck did you bother including Delta? Did you just want to confuse me?). So... I dragged my luggage(s) to the other end of the airport terminal (UGH!) and when I finally got there, this lady found it more important to stand there and chit chat with her coworker than to check me in. I looked frustrated and grew very impatient so I started moaning and groaning because I thought I was surely gonna miss my flight. She told me she'd be right with me... but it wasn't until she finished her last giggles with her coworker at least five minues later. Grrr! So she finally started to check me in and was doing it taking her sweet little time... seeing that my plane was going to depart in less than an hour. I mean... I know I could have been there earlier, but how did she know that I wasn't caught in an unplanned bad accident traffic or something? Anyway... so she told me that my luggage was going to cost $15 to check in for the first one and $25 for the second. Okay... I fly pretty often and usually, my first luggage is free. I was like... "WHAT!?!" She explained to me like I was stupid, but I didn't really have time to deal with her, so I just paid my $15 and handed her my heavy ass luggage. Finally, I was on my way with my carry on and Sam's camera that was heavy as heck and took the place of my purse. Booo!

Thankfully, security checkpoint was a breeze and I made my flight afterall! :)

I got to Detroit at 5am (2am my time), so I didn't get any sleep, as you can imagine. (Was too excited and the babies crying on the plane just weren't helping) Anyway... I had a nearly 5 hour layover in Detroit... WTF. No way I could have fell asleep in an airport terminal. I mean... what if I snored or drooled or something? How embarrasing! Worst of all... what if I missed my flight? So I had my Starbucks fix and explored a little bit. I was pisst off that I left my book at home, but I couldn't get myself to pay for another book when I just bought two that I hadn't read yet back at home. So I sat there and played Solitaire on my phone for the entire four almost five hours. HAHA!

Finally boarded the plane and even more kids on this flight! Yikes! AND it was a small airplane and the engine was freakin' loud. I swear it basically screamed in my ear. Thank goodness for my iPod and luckily, it was a pretty short flight.

Got to Florida and Sam texted me and told me he was nervous to see me when he was waiting at baggage claim... awwww!!!

Finally, there he was... my BABYYYYYY!! :)

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