May 16, 2009


So I'm back at home and FINALLY got the laptop goin' again! I don't know how I survived without the internet for so long! Thank goodness for my Facebook updates sent to my phone, or else I don't think I would still be alive right now. HAHA jk!

My trip to California was okay... I didn't get to see any friends with the exception of Rocky going to the mall with my nieces and I at one point. He doesn't count. LOL!

Relatives' wedding was... ehhhh... okay. I liked my dress, but camera was DEAD. How lame! I managed to snap a shot of myself with my phone for Sam though (and for Facebook, of course! LOL)

Can you believe they still leave the heads on the quails down there? OMG! I guess its normal for them, but I like my quails headless when they're on my plate. Sort of disturbing, but that little leg thats missing in this picture was pretty tasty! LOL

My Parents got to hang out with Sam's Parents quite a bit. His Mom and my Mom did some shopping together and oh my gosh... should have seen them in action! HAHA! We had dinner together 4 nights out of the 7 nights we were there, so it wasn't so bad. :)

My Mom did a whole lot of shopping... and I mean a LOT! She also got six different Khmer outfits made there for my wedding... SIX! WTF! I think she'll be changing more often than the Bride will be! I got a dress made there too... I can't wait for it! So excited!

I say that this trip was OKAY because I didn't have my own schedule and I was practically there to act as a chauffer to everyone. Ugh. I threw a few fits here and there... but overall, I was glad to spend as much time as I did with my family. My nieces, nephews, and I bonded... and we learned more about each other than we really needed to learn. HAHA!

I get to go see my Honey in exactly 7 days. OMG... I didn't even unpack yet and he's bugging me about packing and getting mad at me because I haven't packed yet. He thinks I'm not looking forward to seeing him, but lets let him think that for now!

Invitations... going out soon! Definitely need to compile all my addresses! :D

Ahhhh... so glad to be sleeping back in my own bed.

So much to do and such little time. Oh my!

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