May 17, 2009

Too Hot!

It is hot as heck! I don't remember the last time it was this hot in Seattle. Actually, I shouldn't be complaining since it was a really nice weekend. Could have used a few more breezes though.

Woke up early to go visit my Aunt at the hospital this morning. (My Mom's other older Sister) Her heart is having complications and she will have to stay there to be monitored for awhile because it doesn't seem to be getting any better than yesterday morning. :( She'll be just fine though... I know she's going to keep on fighting. She was so cute this morning (well... she always is). My cousin, Pheap, was with her and I guess the rest of her siblings (she has lots) will be switching back and forth to stay with her. My Aunt's brave though... she said she doesn't need anybody! LOL! My Dad is such a punk... he was making comments on how incredibly short my Aunt's legs were while she was in bed! He's like, "are they usually this short?" LOL... he was just teasing her! :D OH... I made my Daddy tell Mom that he loved her in the elevator today. HAHA... Mom blushed! So cute!

I hate weekends because thats when I'm always always eating out with the fam bam... and boy do we love buffets! HAHA!

Came home and mowed the lawn today. Not posting that on Facebook because those punk asses are just going to make fun of me again! Was going to do some gardening and trim the flowers and trees around the arch in front of the house, but the damn sun was not being friendly to me.

I can't stand the heat. I don't know how I'm going to survive living in California. HECK... I don't know how I'm going to tolerate Florida and Georgia next week! Ahhhh... if I could, I'd walk around naked! LOL... sike! Indecent exposure!

The kids across the street had a lemonade stand up. It was going for 50 cents a cup. A lot of cars stopped and bought some to support the kiddos since the house next door is selling and had an open house. Also... a few houses in our community was having garage sales. How messed up would it be if I set up a stand and sold mine for only 45 cents a cup? HAHA! HEY... whatever makes the money, honey!

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