May 5, 2009


Its 1am and I'm still not asleep. WHY? I really wish I knew.

So... watched The Hills earlier tonight. Oh my gosh... I still can't believe Audrina. The OTHER Woman!! I mean... I know that Brody is incredibly gorgeous and all... but damn! She was sitting there trying to justify herself and her actions... WHATEVERRR! I used to think that she was so pretty, but now when I see her, I'm just like... BLAH. Jayde still looks like a dude with a few too many cosmetic surgeries to me. I don't care if she's Playmate of the Year... whatever... she could be Playmate of the Century and I'd still think she looked like a plastic doll gone wrong. I'm such a hater... I know.

So I follow Jayde (and many others) on Twitter, and right now, she's mad at something. I wonder if its Audrina again or if she and Brody just got into a fight. 43 minutes ago, she tweeted with "Shady shady people!!". 22 minutes ago, she tweeted, "I hate stupid shady puppets!!! Just be your self... Fake people". 4 minutes ago, she tweeted, "Shitty ass puppet people!! Be real for once and not fake!!!". 2 minutes ago, she said, "Bullshit bullshit bullshit". Now 10 seconds ago, she goes, "No one is worth this"!!! Eeeeep! What/who could she be so upset about?

Its amazing how these celebrities are so consistent with their tweets. I mean... I have no life and I still can't find the time to tweet as much as they do. Holy moly! I wonder if any of them would ever notice me and my replies to them. HAHAHA!!

I have yet to do laundry and pack for my California trip this week. Hmmm... procrastination should just be my first name already rather than my middle.

I wonder what time I'm actually going to fall asleep today.

And in case you are wondering... YES... I still have tissues up my nose. If you want a picture, let me know. :) Goodnight!

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