April 9, 2009

Happy New Years...!

I'm really looking forward to celebrating the new year this month... especially this weekend! So much to do all in one weekend that it had been extended all the way until Monday night/Tuesday morning! LOL!

Do Khmer people make New Years' resolutions? Just curious. I refuse to put my resolution in writing because I don't want to break anything. Its not that I don't want to follow through, but I'm just being realistic and honest to myself. We'll just see how it goes. :)

I have absolutely NOTHING to wear all weekend. Ahhhhhh!

I miss my Baby so much. He's so homesick and really wants to come home. Ahhhh... 7 more weeks, Baby! I can't wait to have him back on the west coast and be in the same time zone as him. LOL! I know it sounds lame, but it really does make things difficult. We're planning our trip for when I go see him in May... I'm so excited! Might be a pre-honeymoon! LOL! Need to work out logistics... thats for sure!

I really need a tan. You can see my paleness seeping through again. Fat looks better dark. :(

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