September 13, 2009

Enjoying California...

This past week, Sam had been working some night shifts. Boo! It was hard for me to sleep at night so I usually waited up for him. My sleeping schedule is all messed up! Today, he actually went to work at a normal hour at 8am, but not on such a normal day (Sunday). Sucks. His schedule is going to be a little crazy, but I really can't complain since he's the one taking care of everything at the moment.

Job searching sucks. Well, I never imagined it to be easy during a recession like this. Ugh. What to do? What to do? I am still brainstorming and trying to figure out my career path at the moment. Its driving me nuts!

So... to somewhat keep me sane, thank goodness I've been surrounding myself with good company. The other night while Sam was at work, I hosted a little dinner at my place for a few of the girls. We had so much fun and ate a little bit too much for our own good! Had a bit too much wine too, but we'll leave that part out! :D

Yesterday was Sam's first day off ever since I got back from Vegas (YAYYY!). So what did my wonderful Husband decide to do? Take me shopping!! Actually, he did more shopping for himself than for me (to be fair, I shop ALL the time whereas he never really had time to shop, so I guess its okay). Then, he brought me out to get some sushi and sake bombs! Oh man... I had a bit too many but they were so cheap (we coincidentally got there for Happy Hour). Next thing you know, his coworkers came in! I've already met them and one of them still teases me about my Twilight obsession that I admit to have grown out of after all the overrated hype. Anyway... after a delicious dinner, we came home and spontaneously hosted another night in for our friends (very last minute). I was a terrible hostess and actually passed after a couple rounds of drinking games that I was hosting... what the heck! Who does that? Anyway... I guess the night wasn't over until 5am almost 6am and Sam had to work at 8am! Meaning... he had about an hour of sleep and is working a full 8 hour shift right now. How he does it? I have no idea! He's amazing! :D

Okay... better clean the place up and put some of my clothes and new purchases away before he comes home in an hour. Yikes!

Beach time later? MAYBE!

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