September 10, 2009

Catching Up...

Its been awhile, hasn't it? I just don't know if I really feel like writing anymore. Maybe just short little posts will do?

Last weekend, I was in Vegas! Six of my girlfriends flew from Seattle and Diane (she lives in LA) and I were driving there to meet up with them. I convinced Sovina to come along with us and of course, she did! We had such a blast! The rest of the girls stayed four nights but the ones who drove only stayed for two. I've missed my friends and it was great seeing them again. We had a crazy time... but it was very much worth it.

Here are SOME pictures:

Our Theme for the Night: PARTY ANIMALS

We used the BUDDY system and this is MY buddy Sovina!

I don't know why we love the "hands on hips" pose!

We met Linda Hogan and she wanted to party with us! LOL

Playing in the sun at Tao Beach!!

Ready for Night Two...

Theme for the Night: Ladies in RED

All the good group photos that night is still sitting waiting to be uploaded, so this will do!

I cried at a freakin' club because I was so happy to see my friends but so sad to know that we'd be parting ways again, so they all gave me some lovin'!

So as you can see... I had a BLAST! More pictures to come... but I think some of the other girls are still recovering. The blurry pictures are probably from my phone... haha!

Oh... did I ever mention that MARRIED life is awesome!?! Well... it is! It was very stressful at first with the whole wedding/reception planning on top of moving in and settling down. But now that we are settled in and getting into the hang of things, I really think that I am falling in love with Sam all over again. Kinda mushy, huh? Glad we never lived together before because now, we are learning so much about each other and appreciate each other so much more. I mean... I get excited when he comes home from work and LOVE waking up next to him. Not to mention... cooking for two and packing his lunch is FUN to me. Weird that I'd ever be saying that, but I really am enjoying every bit of it. Ahhhh!!

Okay... more posts later, I promise!

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