August 31, 2009

New Start...

Ahhh.. I know that its been awhile since I have posted anything but its been one crazy ride for me (as you may already know).

This week will be the first week of having an almost normal life and schedule and trying to get the swing of things. We shall see how it goes.

Updates? Hmmmm... my Parents are doing great and are back at home now... safe and sound. The rest of my Family, however, has been sick ever since they got back home. Sam and I have been sick as well, and are still coughing up our lungs but at least we're still breathing. Oh yeah... my second wedding reception in Long Beach was a disaster (to me and in my opinion), but I don't really want to get into that right now because it would just kill my mood and spirits for the rest of the day... and we don't want that, do we? Maybe I'll get into it another time when I'm not in such a great mood. We are almost all moved in now... still have to pick up the mirror for our dresser, but that should be the last of it. I love our new sectional couch because there's plenty of room to lounge around and it is so comfortable! The IKEA couch is sitting there looking pretty sad next to this and we considered getting rid of it, but we have room for it and its more seats for when we entertain, so it shall remain for now. Loving our new king sized bed and bedset... but still have to get more sheets to fit the darn thing (I love nice sheets... they make my night!). Overall, I'm loving the married life so far, but it may be too soon to tell. We shall see! ;)

I'm adjusting to living in California pretty well, but I still get kind of lonely. Was on the phone with Mommy this morning and I miss waking up to the loud chaos downstairs every morning. I'm excited to go home in October.

More updates later, but right now.... I should be job searching. Wish me luck! *hugs from California*

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