September 30, 2010

Lookin' Kinda Crazy!

I was sick yesterday... *cough cough* but am feeling a wee bit better today.  I was in bed all day and it was hard to move... eep.  Today, I am still in bed and feeling a little lousy, but I can open my eyes long enough to blog.

Speaking of opening my eyes, here is a picture I took before leaving to the Yelp Elite Event on Tuesday night... which was SOOOOOO fun, by the way!

Yeah... lookin' pretty crazy, I know.  I figured I'd add this one since according to my poll, two people said they'd like to see more pictures.  I'm kind of sad that only 5 people took the poll, but I guess thats okay considering the fact that about three people told me they can't vote on their phones.  Better luck next time!
My internet is being a little crazy, but there is this video that I really want to upload and share!!  I'm gonna take a little nap and hope that my internet gets it together so that I can share it with all of you.  I'm excited!

Alrighty... tschuss!


  1. hahaha.. I had you confused with another blogger... in the eyelash thing... silly girl... glad you are back .. love your blogs..

  2. hahaha... thanks sweetie! i'm back... will be in full blast soon. i need to catch up on all of my reads, including yours. i've missed them all! :P