September 15, 2010

Wishful Wednesday - September 15th

I know that I have a lot that I want and according to me, need... but what is wrong with a little wishful thinking?  Therefore, I'm going to start a little "Wishful Wednesday" routine.  The only day of the week where I can blog about the stuff that I want (*ahem*... need!!).  I gotta get it out of the way one day of the week, right?  Leave the other days for some non whiney and needy posts.  LOL

Here I go!!

I really do need this!  Surprisingly, I've never had a makeup brush belt because I haven't found a good quality and affordable one.  Now... I have lots of brushes, but I can never have enough.  Therefore, it would be perfect if I was to get this... a brush belt with MORE brushes!  Whoot!

I love FALL for fashion.  I love sweaters, jackets, and boots... and this is the perfect season for it.  I used to have something similar to this, but like most of my stuff, its MISSING!  Boo!  Therefore, I need another one!  Please and thank you. :)

Okay don't laugh but I already have these! LOL... its so comfortable and it was perfect for the rainy weather up in Seattle.  I left them up there and now that I think about it, I wouldn't mind rocking them over here in SoCal!  I mean, everyone seems to panic when it sprinkles anyway, so I might as well jump into the dramatics, right?  They aren't the hottest boots on the block, but they sure are comfy and I love them!  I AM GOING TO ASK MY SISTER TO SEND THESE TO ME, ACTUALLY!  Thanks in advance, Sis!

This is a little funky, but I wonder if this wedged heel that looks like a regular heel is comfortable.  I'd rock it!

I have LOTS more on my wish list, but I guess I will save them for next week.  Its fun to online window shop, isn't it?  I find every excuse to shop... for real or not for real.  How lame!

Have a great Wishful Wednesday, everyone!

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