September 21, 2010

Gossip Girl - Season 4 Episode 2 - 'Double Identity'

I will be the first to admit that I had higher expectations for this episode.  Was it just me or was the excitement just not there tonight?

I already knew that the body found was not Chuck's.  I already knew that Blair was going to have another chance with the Prince.  I also already expected Blair and Chuck to cross paths... they'd have to!

Basically what happened was Serena was called to go identify the body that they thought was Chuck's.  Of course, it wasn't.  Meanwhile, Blair's car coincidentally stopped where Chuck was walking to his new job.  What are the odds of that in reality?  You know... not in the Gossip Girl world?  Serena finds Blair as Blair gets ready for her date with the Prince (who was giving her another chance) and tells her about the body being found that was mistaken for Chuck because of the wallet, ID, passport, and phone.  Of course, cross referencing, they came to the conclusion that Chuck is still alive and in Paris because Blair saw him.  SO... Serena, thinking so highly of Chuck decides to visit every bar in Paris to look for him because knowing him, he would practically live at a bar, right?  What are the odds? She stumbles upon the bar where Chuck just started working at.

SO... after Chuck saw Blair, he decided that he and Eva (his new French girlfriend) should move to London.  Why? Because he saw Blair in Paris and he was probably afraid that she would reveal his identity.  Eva was concerned because they were broke and couldn't afford tickets to London.  Of course, the almighty Chuck Bass came to the rescue with a buttload of money for tickets and such.

QUESTION OF THE EPISODE:  How the heck did Chuck come up with the money and paperwork (to sign over his assets to Lily later on) when he was just robbed and was found in the alley by Eva?  Did it just appear out of thin air or what?  He must have had to contact someone to send it over, right?  But who since he had not been in contact with anyone. The other conclusion is that he hid all those paperwork and money so well that when Eva found and cleaned him up, she didn't find any of it.  Maybe he swallowed it right before he got shot and pooped it out in time when all of this went down?  Who knows?

Serena of course hunted Chuck down and found him in the loft he was living in with Eva.  She tried to convince him to go back home to the states to take care of business, but of course, Chuck says no and says something sweet like he lost the only thing he cared about (Blair).  Serena then returns to Blair where she was getting ready for a ball with the Prince (Louie) and tried to convince her to help stop Chuck from changing his identity.  She pretended not to care and proceeded with her plans.  Serena then got a note saying "I'd rather have nothing than to be Chuck Bass" or something like that.  Attached was all the paperwork signing over his assets over.  (Yup... the paperwork that appeared in Paris out of nowhere because a billionaire would really walk around with this paperwork, right?)  Then, Serena got called over to go to Harry Winston to claim the ring that the thief/robber had sold back to Harry Winston for cash.  Conveniently, Harry Winston remembers that Chuck Bass made the purchase and told the detectives about it after his body was found (though it was never made public that Chuck Bass property and supposed body was found... good ol' Harry just KNEW... that psychic!).  Anyway, Blair was also coincidentally at Harry Winston picking out some jewelry for the ball, and this was when Serena told Blair that Chuck was going to propose to her and he had gotten shot trying to hold onto that ring.  At this point, Blair decided to try to stop Chuck also so she went with Serena to the train station.  They talked and it was heartwarming... they looked so perfect for each other and I insist they have to be back together again.

Later, Chuck decided to return to the states and told Eva who he was... and he is bringing Eva with him to New York.  Watch out, now...!

Back in the States, the whole Nate/Dan situation was snore worthy and pretty boring.  Long story short, Juliet tries to help Nate bring Dan (his competition) down.  She told Vanessa that Dan still had feelings for her, and of course, Vanessa and Dan sleep together... Dan finds out that Nate told Vanessa that Dan had feelings for her... blah blah... all pretty boring, if you ask me.  Serena shows up and sees Nate hand in hand with Juliet (to make Serena jealous) and Dan hand in hand with Vanessa.  She was also greeted by Milo (Georgina's baby)... and is confused.  Dan said that he will fill her in later.  OH.. and about Georgina... that broad went to a SPA?  What the eff ever... lies!  That girl is evil... just looking at her, she looks evil.

Now I wonder...

  • Will Georgina return for her baby?
  • Its not Dan's baby (I am sure of this), but how long is that paternity is going to take?
  • Will there be trouble with Eva and Blair over Chuck? Will Eva even go to the states with Chuck?  If so... I wonder if she is going to adjust to his lifestyle. I am willing to bet that she is going to hook up with either Dan or Nate at one point... but wouldn't it be crazy if she hooked up with Rufus? HAHA... age ain't no thang!
  • Are Blair and Serena going to get along at Columbia?  Maybe they've all grown up now and changed?
  • Who was on the phone with Juliet?  You know, the one she told, "I miss you, too" to?  I'm guessing it is Nate's uncle... remember him? LOL
Until next time, XOXO!!

P.S.  How adorable is this dress in this episode? I love it!

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  1. For the next episode Raina is the " It-Girl Happened One" things don't go well for Blair as planned when she sees what Chuck is doing for Raina which breaks B's heart Dan realizes he has feelings for Blair which is why he is comforting her, louis the prince from Paris comes to see Blair as a secret Valentine promising her he will find his princess which is Blair,chuck realizes his mistake! But Dan/Blair/Louis will go on. I so excited for this new episod of Gossip Girl Season 4 Episode 15: It-Girl