September 13, 2010

We WERE in Miami... BEACH!

Flip Flops I made for all the girls!
Okay... so its time for me to play catch up on my blog, right?  So... here I go! 

Its always more fun with pictures, so let me go ahead and include the pictures that I need to for this one in particular.  :)

Early in July, I went down to Miami.  6 girlfriends flew down from Seattle and one was already there patiently waiting for us to arrive... haha!  It was a reunion... finally!  I've missed my friends SO much!  I know I have friends here in Long Beach, but these are the girlfriends from a place that I call HOME, you know what I mean?  Anyway, it was long awaited and the day and time finally arrived!

I probably won't get into too much details about everything that went down.  Lets just say that it was a very memorable trip... in a good way and a bad way.  I'll leave the emotional stuff for another post as it may take me awhile to put it all together.  Now, lets move on to the fun stuff!

So here I am finally on the beach in Miami.  I must admit that I expected a whole lot more out of Miami beaches.  The sand was rough... even worse than the beaches in Southern California... so that says a lot! HAHA jk!  I didn't stay on the beach as often or as long as I should because I was literally getting heat strokes and I couldn't breathe because of all that humidity.  What's really sad is that our hotel was literally across the street from the beach!  I beat myself up later regretting not working on the tan that was much needed.

Yes, I am wearing earrings on the beach.. who is asking?  Hmm?

If you should wonder what we look like without makeup, then here you have it!  LOL... a picture that I took with my phone before we got ready for a night out.  My best friends and I... at our best, of course!  Vany's cousin actually commented on this picture on FB right away about his cousin's flat hair.  What a hater!  The conversation we had about that later cracked me up to the point my stomach really hurt.  Vany says some of the most hilarious things I have ever heard in my life.  I love that girl to pieces... a great friend that is truly her own and one of a kind.  :)

Yes, I had to include a picture of our snacks.  The fruit bars were my choice and all of us love hot cheetos, but the Bride to Be makes it a point that it is her absolute favorite!  SO... we had to get it too! 

Our first night out!  Can you take a wild guess what our theme of the night was?  It was such a fun night and we really showed what its like to get VIP treatment in a totally different city!  I was getting upset that there was too much champagne that kept getting poured for us and my friend had to sneak off to the bathroom to pour the champagne down the toilet and pretend like she drank it all! HAHA... thats how crazy it was!  Good times though, of course!

I really hate how my hair always does the funky split like that.  Well, my bangs anyway!  However, I was really loving the dress, so I had to get a single shot somewhere!  ;)
We loved our hotel!  Casanova Suites is the place to be if you are ever in Miami!  Seriously, it couldn't be any more perfect... our suite was HUGE and the staff was the best!  Check them out!

My best friend and I!  She was the Bride to Be and I would have went to Mars and back for her if I had to!  Love her... truly my Sista from anotha Motha!  No one knows me like she does... f'reals!  Anyway... our second theme was "citrus", but I must admit that it was ruined.  I wouldn't say by who and how, but lets just say that themes aren't too fun if you try to include selfish and attention seeking folks in the mix.  Whatever... I didn't let it ruin my night.  No sir!

We are on our way!  I don't understand some things... but whatever.  I actually wanted a picture with our taxi cab driver, but I guess my camera kinda sorta got hijacked for a minute and we were at the club before I had my chance to take a picture with him.  Boo... next time... maybe!

LOVE THEM!!  My two favorite KOREA's!  If I ever blurt out any bad words or phrases in Korean, they are to blame.  I know more bad things than good things... that can't be good!  Oh well!

Kickin' it with J.Cole!  Heck yeah!  Okay so I admit that I had no idea who the dude was and had never heard his music in my life, but knowing that he is a celebrity, of course my groupie mode was on and I was going to fake the funk.  I swear we made eye contact ALL night... lol... especially after I tweeted him and told him not to look so sad while he was on stage!  Then, we were there partying it up with him in V.I.P... what what!  When I was talking to him, he asked me what my name was and even had me spell it out... and he told me that I had a pretty name "tee-da"!  Oh... and you'd better believe that I told him that he was my favorite artist!  (I refrained from saying "singer" or "rapper" because I had no idea which one he was.  Safe way to go was, "artist"!)  And then he performed... and his songs were just bad!  Not as in awful, but it was kinda dirty callin' girls "bitches" and stuff... and I didn't like it.  Oh well... groupie moment is over and I already got my picture... so whatever!

Stripper night! LOL... I decided to make up this little game while we were all getting ready.  Every ten minutes, I would call "SHOT" in the kitchen and everyone had to take a shot.  The last one there had to take two shots!  HAHAHA... it got us a little bit too drunk at the time... but just in time for the stripper.  I won't share any more pictures from this night, but lets just say that the stripper in Miami sucks compared to our stripper in Tacoma!  What does Miami know about Tacoma anyway? LOL!

Hungover day!  We weren't exactly feeling at our best this day, so we spent most of the day just chillin' in the suite and talking!  That was probably the best day of my trip... bonding with some of the girls that I love ! Of course though, we made it out for at least a little bit that night... and still in theme, of course!  ;)

Of course, we made it out to DASH in Miami!  We were hoping to see Khloe Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian.  I was tweeting them for weeks asking if they were going to be at the store because I wanted to hang out (acting like they were my best friends, of course.. haha!).  It would have been nice to see Kim Kardashian  too, but she isn't really that big deal and part of the store, so whatever.  I like Kim too, its just... I think Khloe and Kourtney are much more entertaining.  :)  They weren't there... and none of the employees looked like the ones on the show.  Then I see the newer episodes now and I realize that they had already left Miami at the time.  Boo... I'm sure they would have hung out with us if they were still there though! HAHA! (sarcasm)

Our last night in Miami!  All the girls in black... minus the Bride to Be!  Please excuse the towel on the ground... I used that to wipe off some of the self tanner I had to use on my legs. LMAO!  Oops!  I can't seem to find a picture with all of us in it, but here goes some.

This was a really interesting night.  It was something that could have been pulled right out of a movie, I swear.  I'll get into it later, but it turned out to be an amazing night!

My Bride to Be had a blast... and that is all that really matters!

With the manager of my officially favorite club in Miami... TWIST!

What a memorable night... a fairytale, actually!

Miami, I miss you!


  1. Shit, I would too, if I had the time of time you had!

    <3 the pictures, Thydz! The bride to be is so fucking adorable! I love her dress, too!

    Mae Lu, thereafterish.

  2. Thanks!! I am proud to say that I got her that dress two years ago!! hahaha!!!

  3. Wow you girls all look gorgeous and look like u had a blast! Going to Miami with your friends is prob so much more fun than going with your man...I made that mistake. :P

  4. Aww thanks. I'm sure you had some fun with your Man also. I have fun with both my girlfriends and also with my Man... definitely different types of fun, but I enjoy both. :)