September 30, 2010

Printable Party Games - Review

Fun HOLIDAYS are just around the corner and I was trying to find a good way to entertain my friends if I was to have a usual Halloween and Thanksgiving get together.  Last Thanksgiving, we ended up with all of the guests' faces on the wall, and we used my "T" post-it (T for Thyda) for a game of "Pin the 'T' on the Turkey"!  (One player is blindfolded and spun and pins the "T" on a wall of faces.  If the face that got T'ed is yours, then you take a shot and repeat what the last player just did)  It was fun, but it got a little out of hand.

I came across this website where you pay $19.95 and they send you a link to download all of these fun printable games.  There are tons of games to choose from, I believe there are over 50 games that you can choose.  I downloaded most of them (way more than I would need) and am so excited and ready for my friends and family to play when they come over for the parties.  I am especially excited for the NFL related ones because I know that my Husband and his friends are going to be ALL over that.  Now, I have to come up with some prizes for the winners of all these games.

Note:  Games are not only for Halloween and Thanksgiving, there are plenty that are related to the highly anticipated season of Fall (Autumn).

If you like to host parties and want to bring back some old school fun and like a little friendly competition with your guests, I highly recommend this.  And if you are a teacher, you have basically hit the jackpot!  (A few of my friends are teachers and I just KNOW that they are going to love this)


  1. You might want to check out board game geeks for free print and play games.

    I really enjoyed "1000 blank cards" (great party game provided you have the right kind of crowd), micropul (2 player strategy), and the road runner game 3-6 player creative fun).

  2. I got bunches for my daughter's 16th but I didn't pay for them... just googled em..

  3. Nice!! I love friendly competitions... this gives me plenty! Wuahahahah! :P