September 23, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday - Love... FOUND.

I promise not to be a puppy in love and make every entry about love and about my Husband, but today has to be the day and this entry has to be the entry.

I often have a hard time showing and telling my Husband how much I appreciate him and everything he does.  I guess after seeing the movie, "Why Did I Get Married Too?" made me realize how great of a Husband he had been to me for the past year and couple of months.  (Which by the way, I wrote a short little entry about the movie and how I feel about it here on my other blog Oh Too Much)

He is SUCH a dork... one of the reasons why I love him so much!

People spend so much of their lives searching for the perfect partner and having these high expectations and list of criteria that their prospective partners need to fill.  Let me tell you now that if you have what you call "standards" and think that the other person has to fulfill those standards, then you should probably ask yourself what qualities is it that you have that makes you fulfill the list of criteria that they have?  Does that make sense?  I guess all I am saying is that you shouldn't look at love and a relationship as a one way street where you are the only one with needs and desires.  Take yourself off a pedestal every once in awhile and be present and level with those around you.  If you walk around with your head held too high and your nose in the air, how do you see, smell, and appreciate those that are there and ready to love you?  Keep this up, and you would never find true love... thats the truth.

I remember a line from one of my friends wedding vows "It is not only about finding the right partner, but about BEING the right partner".  - SO TRUE!

We need someone who loves you for who you are and not what you could be.  - Same goes the other way around.

In no way am I saying that you should settle for less.  By that, I don't believe that you should settle for anything less than happiness.

I am blessed to have found my true love at the young age of 20 as a friend.  I am glad I got to know him and built a friendship with him before that friendship blossomed into love and a relationship because I not only have a lover, but I will always have a friend.  Five (going on six) years later, I am happily married to this wonderful man who loves me unconditionally.  He would kiss me in the morning before I can rid the morning breath.  He doesn't mind that I look a mess in the morning (and those who have seen me in the morning can testify) and tolerates my smell if I didn't shower in a day (gross and TMI, I know... but I have my days... haha!).  I never have to wonder where he is or hope that he would come home or wait by the phone waiting for him to call.  I no longer have to go to bed alone at night or wake up wondering where he is or who he is with.  I don't have to eat dinner alone (unless it was planned) and there is no longer a day that goes by when he doesn't remind me that he loves me.  I never go to bed angry or upset... that's a rule that we have and its been working wonderfully...

The list goes on, but we all get the point... I am a lucky woman!

I can tell him all my dreams, wishes, and plans... and he would listen because he is and will be a part of it all.


  1. sappy!

    lol...i kid. i heart the both of you. those pics are beautiful...i miss Hawaii...and i guess i miss you too hehe. you know i heart you, miss you. i got your email yesterday, will respond soon. *kisses*

  2. I miss Hawaii too! I almost didn't come back. And yeah... this post was extra sappy, but I think Sam and I fell in love all over again in Hawaii. I mean... you're in PARADISE... how can you not?


  3. Huy & I fell even more in love (if that's possible) in Maui for our honeymoon too! There's something magical about that place that makes you extra goo-goo ga-ga for one another. LOL.

  4. Awww Betty! I knew I couldn't be the only sappy one around. Thats so cute... NEWLYWEDS! Hehe... lets all go back to an island in Hawaii... I claim Oahu!! :D

  5. We're going back to Maui in September. You should plan a trip then too! Then we can island hop together =)

  6. Betty... that does not sound like a bad idea... if it wasn't for our Cambodia trip in August with our families. How about I just fly back to meet up with you in Maui? OMG... that would be awesome. Damn... I daydream too much!

  7. Sam mentioned you on FB the other day...and thought about you. He gave us your blog spot and I read a few, you are such an amazing writer. This story of you and Sam absolutely made my heart melt. I think you and I share a very special time together...and Narith and I also got together when I was 20 and together now almost 6 years! I'm so glad you were a part of my wedding, so grateful for you :)

  8. Awww Teri! Thanks for always thinking of me, you are so sweet! We are so grateful for YOU and all you did for OUR wedding. And trust me... I was honored to be a part of yours! Miss you and no worries... I will be back on FB soon. In the meantime, you can always find me here. *hugs*