December 17, 2009

Clear Space, Clear Mind

I never knew that it would make such a big difference in my life since I was always a messy and disorganized person. I refused to have a place for everything because that just made everything so bland and boring and there wasn't such a thrill in finding things when I needed them. I secretly get a rush whenever I am in a hurry and am on a mission to get something done. Its like this little game that I play with myself to see if I can actually complete the task. And if I beat the clock, then I am a winner in my eyes.

I have accepted that the little game that I played had caused me time, stress, and frustration. Time that I don't have, stress that I don't need, and frustration that nearly makes one of the vessels in my brain pop and pour straight out of my eyeballs. I know that sounded pretty graphic and dramatic, but thats how I imagine it and the thought of it haunts me nearly everyday because I feel like I am on the verge of reaching that state. Pray for me. It doesn't hurt to have all of my pens and pencils in one place. Having a jar for my loose change rather than all over the floor and in various pockets of my jeans and purses makes me feel richer than I really am. Not having to stress about the dishes in the sink or the overflowing laundry basket gives me a piece of mind and gives me time to stress about other things that are more deserving of my thoughts. I guess adding some organization and tidyness into my life isn't so bad afterall. I'd have to come up with new games that will somehow act as motivation. Like a child, everyday is a game to me and I wonder who would win. So far, it hasn't been 'game over' and like most other games, if I complete a task or accomplish something (no matter how small), there is more time added to my clock and I get a boost of energy and life. Whoever said that people who like to play games is silly.

Life is a game. Play it how you like to and don't give up... just make sure you enjoy every moment of it and don't forget to pause it for short potty breaks.

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