December 8, 2009

Fallen Lakewood Police Officers Memorial

The Memorial Procession for the four Lakewood Police Officers is today, held at the Tacoma Dome. Again, so close to home, a piece of me is there with them and my heart just aches watching the procession live online.

Its bittersweet to see that there are people all over the world, police officers in particular there to show their love and support to the family, friends, and fellow officers of the fallen. There are many who flew up from Oakland and Los Angeles amongst other police departments around the country to show their respect for our fallen heroes. Its sad to lose loved ones... officers or not. Its just heart breaking to know that these are innocent people who were working to keep our people and communities safe, yet their lives were taken in such a senseless and cruel way. I hope that this will work as a wake up call for everyone that they need to have respect and appreciation for those in law enforcement. They are not just there to give you a hard time, they are there to try to protect us to the best of their ability. Even before this tragedy, I was always annoyed whenever people didn't show appreciation for those who genuinely cared for our well being... such as police officers.

They will always be remembered and honored... may their heroic souls rest in peace. My thoughts are with their loved ones today.

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