December 30, 2009

A Rainy Day...

With everyone having the day (or week) off, we had planned to go to Six Flags (Magic Mountain) today. Unfortunately, Mister Rainshine decided to come out to play too and there is no way I am going to wait in line and run around tryin' to hop on rides in the rain. No way, Jose!

Instead, we are going to get some errands done. YAYYYY!!

Taco Tuesday last night with Lily and Durand... then they came over to watch the Lakers' game at our place while I was trying to distract them with some of my favorite music videos. LOL!

Okay... just wanted to say HELLO to the universe somehow, someway...! I shall be back later... or soon... maybe! We shall see!

Hope everyone has a great day and is ready to bring on the New Year! (Glad we didn't go to Vegas. I'm pooped!)