December 28, 2009

I Trick You!

My niece just moved into her new apartment and as I was searching for something for her, I found so many cool house decor that I loved! Let me share one with you...

Pottery Barn at ShopStyle

How cool is this? Okay... so they are flameless candles made of real wax and runs on these tiny batteries. The one that I have are scented, but for some reason, these aren't. They also flicker and everyone who had been to our place since got fooled into thinking that they were real candles! What is cool is that you blow at the candle to switch it ON and OFF. Thats right... just blow at it like a regular candle to blow it out, but if you want to turn it on again, forget moving it to turn on a switch... just blow at it as you would when you want to turn it off! ITS SO COOL!!!

The ones that I got comes with a stand and rocks... and its just fabulous! I think I'm going to stock up on them and use them as house warming type of gifts or just have them around my place in every room (when we get a big house one day, of course!).

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