December 26, 2009

Cheapo Thydo!

Call me cheap, but I have never really been a fan of overly priced handbags. Yes, I do indulge in certain things and often times, they are pretty unreasonable. I admit, I have my over the top moments where people can just look at me like, "WTF"? Haha... I like seeing what people's responses might be! :)

Anyway... handbags... is an accessory! It is nice to have nice things (such as handbags), but what is really the purpose of that when you really wouldn't have any real value in there anyway? I mean... would you really spend more than you have on a handbag and then really not have a dime to your name left in there? I think not. Besides... again, its an accessory, people! I guess I shouldn't really single people out for liking nice handbags, but I guess I just see it differently.

First off, I don't want to pay more money to promote for a company that is in actuality, really jipping me. You would think that companies would be more likely to give you a discount to promote for them rather than charge you more for a right to promote for them. Makes sense? Anyway... my point is that I am too damn cheap to spend an arm and a leg for a handbag. I like to switch things up and in this case, quantity over quality! :D I can't live with just one bag for the rest of my life... I need variety! That is why I always opt for the less expensive bags so that I can afford 10 of them rather than 1. You get it?

One bag that I am currently contemplating is this:


I think its cute, simple, inexpensive, and I don't have a navy bag... yet! I love satchels... a big bag type of girl because I like to carry everything that I own everywhere with me. Haha... what do you think? (You can click on the image to see more pictures and views because this one probably doesn't do it all its justice) Likey or no likey?

I'll probably try to check it out at my nearest Nordstrom today. We shall see. Sis is bringing me shopping... gotta love that, right? ;)

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