November 24, 2009

Missing You...

Last night as I laid to sleep, I couldn't help but miss my Parents so much. I wanted to call them, but it was already 1am and I knew that they'd be asleep and if their phone was to ring at that hour, they would probably worry and think that something is wrong. So, I refrained myself.

This morning, I called home. I just spoke to Daddy and he is as cute as ever. I think he really misses me too because the other day as I was talking to Mom about Thanksgiving, he asked if I was coming home and when I said I wasn't, he said that he was going to make the turkey this year and it would be better than mine! Hehe... I believe him too... my Dad's a great and creative cook who uses what he has and makes it work every time. Very resourceful, he is.

I wish I can be there during times like these... just being in the same room with them makes me happy. Even if they are lecturing me the entire time, its a great feeling. And the kids... I miss the kids so much, its crazy. My Justin is all grown up and I am sad I am not there to see him grow into the fine gentleman I know he will be.

My family, my love... I miss you.

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