November 19, 2009


I love to learn new things... see new places and gain new experiences. Its hard for me to focus on just one thing because I want so many things and my mind just juggles all these ideas and wonders all day long.

Seriously considering getting tested for A.D.H.D.... my Husband even suggested it. How sad is that? Just shows that even he sees it too and is concerned.

I have an addiction and need an intervention. Try guessing what it is. I need to stop feeding to my addiction. But somehow, someway, I can never find ways to refrain myself. I need more self control. I bet you're REALLY wondering what it is now, huh? HAHA... according to Mac, Sivhui helped feed my addiction yesterday. I wonder if anyone can guess it right. Its pretty simple and easy if you know me well.

I lost sleep for a night and felt like jello all day yesterday. Got some sleep last night but can't break out of my routine of waking up at 6am for no reason. Its like I have a built in alarm or something. This could be a good thing... or a bad.

I miss my nephew Justin... a lot. To the point that I just sat there and cried yesterday. That little booger told me is growing up so fast and I am sad that I am missing out on it all.

Sam and I talk about having kids ALL the time. I think that the issue comes up every single day. Personally, I would like to be a young Mom, but at the same time, I feel like there is so much more that I need to do... places I need to see and experiences that I need to live before I bring a child to this world. Sam, on the other hand, is ready for babies. Crazy guy. He says that he wants our own creation... and I pointed to the Christmas tree and said, "we have our own Christmas tree"! He didn't think it was very funny. :(

I used to dream of being a young Mom... have my first child by 24... PTA meetings at 30... shopping with my 16 year old daughter or playing soccer (according to Sam, its basketball) with my 16 year old son at 40. Thats not going to happen at those ages. I'm turning 25 in a couple of weeks... yikes. I don't want to be an old Mommy either, and I just don't know how I would play sports at 40 or if I'm still cool to shop with then. Damn, damn, damn.

No kiddos for now... but damn, how I would have loved to be a young Mommy.

So much more to learn today... hope everyone has a fabulous one!


  1. Hahaha what do you mean!?!? How do you know I just had some!?!?!?!??!!

  2. OMG Wady! I forgot I was talking about my addiction. You scared the sh*t out of me when you said YOGURTLAND because I was just there... came home and saw your post! I thought you saw me there or something! HAHA... nm!

    NO... my addiciton isn't yogurtland... but I guess you can call that an addiction too! I guess I have many! :D