November 17, 2009

Taco Tuesday!!

What a day! Where did the time go? Seriously, I didn't even realize what time it was until Sam rang the doorbell (he scares me when he tries to let himself in with a key. Don't know why I am so jumpy and get scared of the smallest and expected things). Yes, I did fall of a tangent and got sidetracked with a few minor things, but my brain needed a break! Twitter us a huge distraction!

Our Christmas tree is up and its pretty, but I want to add a few more things before I can say that its DONE. I love Christmas time and having the tree up without any presents under there (yet! Lol) makes me miss home. Haha! Hopefully I get to go home for Christmas and I am crossing my fingers that Sam's work schedule allows him to also. He would love Christmas at home... one of our living rooms is always flooded with presents because there are so many darn kids in the family.

Speaking of family, my nephew Justin was chatting with me via GMail last night! He's 9 and is easily the coolest kid around. I really want him to come visit me soon. Should see our conversation, its hilarious! How I miss that kid so much!

And speaking of kids, I have a confession! THIS MIGHT BE A LITTLE TMI FOR MOST!!! I didn't get my period last month and was worried that I might be pregnant. But then again, my period had always been irregular and there were times when I didn't have intercourse and wouldn't have my period so I didn't panic too much. Yesterday, I got my period! Hallelujah!! Hahaha!! Sorry... had to share! Whew!

Okay. Time for Taco Tuesday AKA GRUBBBBB time!!!

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