November 13, 2009

Friday the 13th!

Yeah... today is Friday the 13th, alright. Hopefully today will be a great day... almost like yesterday.

We went to lunch with Louis and his brother. Sophy's, that is. Haven't been there in awhile, but I was torn between the salmon salad and salmon curry. Salmon salad it was! Yummmm!! The boys got their usual Thai Boats. I've never actually ordered one myself, but I have heard that its bomb diggity. Will try one day when I can steer away from the other options on the menu. I'm not a noodle/pho fan, but I'd eat it. We'll see.

Afterwards, we went to go check out the Verizon Droid. Whoopy. I don't like the bigger/bulkier one, but the cheaper one is a lot cuter and hey... I wouldn't mind having one. Hint hint. I just got my BB Tour less than three months ago, so I still need to break this one in. I shouldn't say that because breaking something is what I do best and I only meant that figuratively, not literally.

Then it was SHOPPING time! I admit, I didn't buy as much as I thought I would... which is a great thing! I've gained about 10 pounds within this past week (seriously), so I wasn't so much in a shopping mood. BLAH. Sam still thinks its ridiculous how I still have tags on most of the stuff in the closet, but its just I haven't found a perfect time/occasion to wear them yet. AND... I couldn't pass up on it. I have issues.

My in laws got some oysters and it was delish!! I don't know how they got such a great deal on such yummy oysters. Those things were HUGE and you can get food coma status type of full off only a couple. I had more than a couple though.. haha! There were so many left as we were leaving last night and they might just go to waste. Damn... I regret not eating more right now. WTF. HAHA! Soooooo good! I think I posted a picture on Twitter. LOL

Also got a chance to swing by an Asian supermarket and picked up some things. I am excited to try some new dishes!! Wish me luck! Maybe I should stay out of the kitchen on Friday the 13th though. Haha...excuses, excuses!

Then... we went and picked up some more FRIENDS DVDs!! One of my all time favorite shows. Although the show ended about 5 years ago, I still crack up from the episodes that were first aired in 1994. I was only 10 at the time and didn't enjoy them as much, but now I loooooove it!!

Overall, yesterday was a great day. Correction... a great fatty day!