November 16, 2009

Manic Monday!

What a weekend it was! Briefly (or try to be), let me reflect.

Friday, a nice and relaxing evening at home with some curry. I made spicy duck fried rice earlier that day for Sam's lunch... talk about grub all day! Went to bed full, which is always good and bad... depends on how you look at it.

Saturday, Sam had to work (boo), but we made it to Rocky and Kat's place to watching the boxing match. I never get into the fights because... I just didn't see how watching people get beat up could be fun. BUT, I actually gave it a try this time and it was pretty intense. Maybe because I was busy twittering about Cotto's face and how it was good looking before and not so much afterwards. Homie was beat and swollen. Poor guy! Hung out with Rocky's family and Bo... ate some yummy food that Kat cooked up for us. I'm so glad I found another Twilight junkie... she's crazy! She already has her New Moon tickets and just bought a New Moon blanket! So funny! Then, Rocky's 10 year old nephew jumped in the conversation and thats when we realized that we're still reading the same book a 10 year old does! LOL! I wanna go see it on Friday too... maybe Sam will surprise me and get off early and bring me? Haha... wishful thinking!

Sunday... busy busy day it was! Lunch with my baybay at home... and then it was a day full of shopping! We got some frames for our pictures (finally), and also picked up our Christmas tree and decorations. Sam isn't big on celebrating, but he knows I am and the holidays always make me feel giddy inside so he got into it too! Which, by the way, we still need to put up. Then, we went to Westminster to do some more shopping and before going to the grocery store down there, we stopped at Target. I lost my phone!! My precious, precious phone! I thought I was gonna die! Seriously, Sam was pisst and after searching and calling it and texting it with, "if you have my phone, please let me know... I would pay you cash for it!" We gave up and were in the car and were driving off debating if I should call to report it lost... but then luckily Sam gave it a call one more time and a lady picked up! She was working customer service at Target and apparently, someone picked it up outside in the parking lot and turned it in! THANK YOU!!! To the person who found my phone and returned it, THANK YOU SO MUCH! There should be more people like you in this world... seriously! *hugs* Its karma... I've been good so something good happened to me... hehe! OR... my Angels are just watching over me! :) Either way, I'm glad I got it back because it would have been a VERY awkward ride home. Sam hates how I always lose/break things and he would be pisst if I lost this one after so many things he had bought for me that I've lost. Yikes. So yeah... thank you, thank you, thank you!

Went grocery shopping... stopped at Alberstons... shopped some more... checked RedBox for Twilight because I wanted Sam to see it before New Moon. No luck! Boo! Came home and couldn't find parking, so we parked in red while unloading all the stuff we bought. I snuck online and checked and found Twilight at a RedBox two miles away... reserved it... picked it up... and SCORE!! Mission accomplished! Sam liked the movie... he said it was "pretty good". After seeing how excited I was that he actually liked it, he changed his answer to "it was alright". What a hater! Either way, I'm excited for New Moon!

Got tons of things to work on today. Damn! Our turkey palooza is this weekend and I'm so excited to have the gang over for Thanksgiving dinner! GRUB time!!

Okay readers... talk to you (or myself) soon!