February 17, 2010

What to do, Teedaloo!!

For anyone who is curious, its back up! :D

I know, I know... its a work in process and its not completely finished, but you get the idea. I should have done this a long time ago. Its not the best thing out there, but I am pretty darn proud of it considering the fact that I learned how to do everything myself and had enough patience to put it all together. Its pretty interesting and as I might have mentioned before, its pretty mind boggling!

I would really appreciate input and some feedback, if possible. Give it to me... I can take it!

Please note that this is solely for fun (and it IS fun) and for my entertainment and anyone else who may come across it and are interested in some of the things that I am interested in.



  1. awesome job! I'm so proud!!!

    is there a link to where it'll email me whenever you update?

  2. Hehe thats when a blog comes in. Thats underworks now, but I think I'll try to update this one often. I need to stick to it this time around. LOL!

  3. Hey i LOVE your label section. How did you do that?! :)
    cute blog by the way

  4. Thanks sweetie! I suggest playing around with the page elements and it will give you a labels section. Just modify it to the cloud option... I think? Well... good luck! :P

  5. Did you use wordpress to do the template? They have pretty good word press templates that turn things into an up and running online magazine which could format it for you without too much HTML/XHTML/CSS knowledge!

    For doing stuff all by yourself, it's not bad! Good for you! If you need web tips, I'd be happy to help you out in whatever capacity I am able.

    Maeko ~thereafterish.

  6. Nah... no wordpress for me. No templates... I actually started from scratch because I wanted to challenge myself to see if I could do it on my own... and I did. No copying HTML codes like back in the AsianAvenue days either. HAHA! :D

    Thanks for the offer... I'll keep you in mind! :)