February 11, 2010

I... Can't... Do... It!!

Today, I thought long and hard about this blog. This blog is the reason for my guilt so early in the morning. This blog is the reason why I cannot get certain things done. On the flip side, this blog is my friend. This blog is the ear that will always be open and listen to all of my gibberish without once asking me to shut up (despite the occasional errors I get after trying to post something, but that's a different story). No matter how ridiculous my thoughts or how useless my words are, my blog had been here for me.

I've cheated on this beloved friend of mine a few times and tested the waters of livejournal. After a year or two, this blog was willing to take me back... no questions asked.

CONFESSION: I've been doing some lurking around and my eyes were wandering elsewhere... to places like Wordpress and Tumblr. It interested me in ways that made me feel like it was something new and fresh... like a fresh piece of meat waiting for me to devour it. I didn't devour it though... I only licked it a few times. They weren't the taste that I was looking for... but I kept licking just in case it was and I was missing it all. After all that, I knew that I couldn't resist coming back to what I've had and loved for years. I am ashamed for thinking that the grass was greener on the other side. Even if it is greener on the other side, I am content being on the dry and brittle side where memories and the kind of love shared is irreplaceable.

This morning, I almost ended this blog... but I just couldn't. I can't. I wouldn't.

So here's a toast to more gibberish blogging... and an extra kiss to the ex girlfriends who claim to not care but always come back to visit and wonder what I'm up to. If you were near, I'd give you a hug and tell you that its okay to find me interesting because honey... I find myself interesting too! :)


  1. Thydz, FYI, you can import your old blog archives INTO Wordpress. They have apps that do it for you.

    SERIOUSLY, keep this blog alive, but move it if you have to. You have the ability to.

    That's the beauty of the digital world!

  2. I'm too lazy. I'm just going to keep this one here.

    You know... I believe that Google is going to take over the world and soon enough, Blogger or Blogspot will have all the glitz and glam and the whole shabang that wordpress has.


    (in other words, I am just too lazy right now. lol)

  3. honey - this is my only means of keeping up with you. I don't do facebook much anymore, I never followed the twitter hype...this beloved blogger has kept me posted on your current happenings and thoughts.