February 15, 2010

Oh St. Valentine...

I didn't receive flowers this year... only because I told Sam to never buy me flowers again because they will die in a matter of days and if he was to give me that money to shop, I would appreciate and love him so much more. He told me that he was going to... but was afraid that he'd get yelled at. He's so right... smart man who is learning more and more each day. That means... more money going into my shopping fund. Whoo hoo!

This Valentines' Day was the first one that we actually spent together... alone. The last time we spent Valentines' Day together, it was to celebrate a friend's birthday so we didn't really do the typical boyfriend/girlfriend Valentines' Day celebration rituals, but we still had fun. OH... and this is our first Valentines' Day together as a married couple. :)

We were on the verge of not celebrating at all... if it was up to me. I mean... we celebrate love every day, so one day of the year that we are supposed to by society and hallmark's standards was sort of "meh" to me. But then I thought about it again and figured... why not? Valentines' Day used to be one of my favorite holidays when I was younger because it was fun to pass out Valentines' Day cards and candies to classmates and friends. I used to be secretly envious of those who would get flowers and balloons in high school... until I started getting some of my own too. HAHA! Its nice to feel special... even if everyone else in the world is feeling special too. So... why not make someone I love feel special? It couldn't hurt, right?

I won't get into details, but yesterday was just amazing. In Sam's words, it was the best Valentines' Day EVER...! He had to work but wanted to take me out on a nice romantic dinner. It was PERFECT! We got outdoor seating and it was right on the water. To make it even better, our table was as close to the water as you can get... with nobody's head blocking our view. We had yummy wine and talked about lots of things happening... and our future. I felt all giddy inside like it was or first date or something.. I just couldn't stop smiling. We came home to more wine... more sweet talks... and... nevermind. :)

I know I sound like a little school girl in her first puppy love, huh? Oh well! I just logged on Facebook and pulled some of our pictures that were at some point my Profile Picture... (LOL) and compiled them here. This is about to be my new desktop wallpaper.


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  2. WAY cute!

    Nate and I don't usually celebrate, but since he was going to NYC for business, we went out to dinner at a nicer-than-normal-for-us-restaurant. Not super fancy, but definitely more expensive fare than we generally eat on our date nights. Not casual dining. We were the youngest ones there.

    We made sure to eat as richly as we could.

    Like I said, we normally don't celebrate, since our dating anniversary is 2/24. FIVE YEARS!!!

    But this year, oh well. Gave us an excuse to go on a date.


  3. aww - you are too cute!!! i heart the collage.

    "prirk nirk oun, tgnai nirk oun, youp nirk oun, nirk oun kroup pael vilear..."

  4. Anonymous - come again? No wait... don't come again.

    Maeko - an excuse to go on a date is always good. Happy early anniversary to you and Hubbs! :D

    Bong Nieng - WHERE have you been all my life? Are you still blogging? Last I checked, I couldn't get into your blog. Boooo!