March 10, 2010


I cannot believe what just happened!

Today was a hustle and bustle for me. You wouldn't believe how much shit I gave myself for procrastinating with so much that I needed to get done. I had to clean, pack, and clean.

I was so excited to go home that I was calling up my Parents and Siblings and doing a happy dance over the phone as I was trying to pack. One of my best friends who currently lives in Florida called me and I literally jumped on the bed because I was so excited to talk to her AND tell her that I was going home.

My niece works at this cupcake shop down here and she wanted me to bring some cupcakes back to the kids. I was giving her a hard time because she was supposed to drop them off and she was running late and I was running out of patience because I just wanted to be on that plane already. Sam came home and I rushed him to bring me. My nephew and my brother in law came over for the ride with Sam to go play basketball.


I finally got to the airport about 35 minutes before my flight. Luckily I am learning how to pack light and I didn't have any check in's this time. If I did, I'd be doomed. I rushed to the counter with my big ol' box full of cupcakes, my laptop bag, and my carry on. "Am I too late?" The lady at the counter looked at me and asked, "Seattle? What's your last name?" I spelled out my last name to her and she couldn't find my reservation. I told her she probably spelled it wrong and its not with an "N", its with an "M". Again, she said that she did not find my reservation. Annoyed and was so sure that she spelled my name wrong, I handed her my I.D. She looked it up again and as she predicted, she didn't find my name. How strange! I told her that I booked through a different website and maybe thats why she couldn't find my name. Nope... that wasn't the problem. She asked if I had a confirmation number and I had to whip out my phone and go through my emails for the confirmation number (which I should have had in the first place). Anyway, I read out my confirmation number to her and she says, "Oh... your flight is tomorrow!"


I was so embarrassed. I actually had to call Sam and the kids and have them pick me back up. They laughed and laughed... and made me feel even more stupid. I called my Sister, my Nephew, and my Mom to tell them what happened. My Mom laughed really hard and I heard her shaking her head.

MAN... that is what I get for giving everyone crap about making me run late. Although I was a bit embarrassed, I got a good laugh.

These two boxes of cupcakes (Anna brought me two boxes and I decided to share a box with the Husband and the boys)... are now all mine and will be gone. I'm gonna need another box tomorrow.



  1. that is beyond what I could've imagined!!!! jom yeak! at least you got cupcakes out of this :D i guess have a safe trip today...

    oh, and look at it this way - at least you don't have to pack today :)

  2. LMAO!! You should have been there! My nephew actually said he wish he could have recorded the whole thing (asshole).

    YES... no packing today meaning more fooling around online.

    OH... and I just warmed up a cupcake and it literally melted in my mouth. This is so bad... but I have 24 (now 20 after last night and this one I jut had) sitting in my fridge right now. They are singing my name and it would be so rude of me not to respond.

  3. There are way too many things in your life that need to be turned into a movie.

    But don't be late! You should be at the gate 40 minutes before boarding!

    ACK! What a nightmare, but totally funny!

  4. You know... I think I just might put that camera I won on Twitter to use! LMAO...

  5. excitement does that to ya =D
    but thats good at least youre all packed up and ready to go!!

    this time you get MORE cupcakes! YUM!!

  6. Omg...that is pretty funny! lol. Well atleast you showed up the day before instead of the day after! lol

    guess what? i found out we're getting Victoria's Secret in Canada!!! woohoo!!! :D

  7. it may not have been funny at first 'cuz u say u were embarassed. but when u look back, u r gonna have long bouts of insane laughter.
    and this is how life is, treat it as a joke, and u will end up laughing all the way.
    ps: drop in at my blog.

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