March 30, 2010

Pointless and Random... SERIOUSLY.

So... I think my interview went pretty well.  It was for something that I have never done, so I am excited and nervous to hear back from them.  I don't want to say too much about it because I would hate to jinx myself.  You know what they say... "don't count your chickens before they hatch".  I'm crossing my fingers and toes and hoping that I get the job.  Thank you readers and friends for the good luck wishes!  Much appreciated!  *hugs*

As I was walking towards my apartment, sprinklers on both sides of me came on suddenly and I got pretty soaked.  Good thing I was heading HOME and nowhere else.  It was such a hot and beautiful day that I didn't mind it too much.  In fact, I got inside and couldn't help but laugh!  Again, it looked like it could have been a scene from a movie!  :)

My sweet Husband brought me to get something that I loooooove... sushi!  My two favorite rolls are still the Sexy Girl Roll (love the name) and the Unpopular Roll (I wanna make it popular).

Sexy Girl Roll - shrimp tempura and jalapeno on the inside, wrapped with mango and topped with a sweet and spicy sauce, masago, green onion, and crunchy flakes

Unpopular Roll - fried albacore, wrapped with avocado - don't know the sauces atop, but it was delish!

We ate so much because we ordered two of each and then some!  LOL!  Also decided to share a pitcher of beer, which took forever to finish.  I don't like the taste of beer, but I'd drink it just because... haha!  I am really lightweight now and got a bit tipsy after just one cup.  Lame, I know.  It took us forever to finish the pitcher!  The Lakers game was on (they lost) and surprisingly, I was getting into it too.  I guess the Lakers fan in Sam rubbed off on me and I somewhat am into the games too now.  I used to never watch any sports on TV and can only pay attention when I am actually at the games, but I guess I am learning.  I miss having a home team to cheer for (Seattle Supersonics).  I really hope we get them back so they can whoop these Lakers' ass and I can start talking smack to the guys here.  Haha!  Maybe thats why people don't like watching games with me on TV because I talk too much... too much smack.  OH... and I usually like to go with whichever team they are opposing just for a little competition and laugh.  I know I will get my butt kicked one of these days.  I'd better watch out!

Anyway... we came home and took a nap and then actually hit the gym together!  We tried to let the food set and sleep off our tipsiness (is that a word?), but I didn't sleep and watched "Say YES To The Dress" instead.  Sam woke up drunk... but he is a trooper and agreed to go to the gym anyway.  I didn't get to run the distance I had in mind because that beer was starting to come back up and was settling in my throat (gross, I know)... but I was so close!  Hey... at least I tried!

AND.... I can't believe this!  Even after the free panties I got last month and even after their 7/$25 panties sale, Victoria's Secret STILL sent this to me:

Really though... what are they trying to say?  That I need more underwear?  Not that I am complaining because I love free stuff and you already know I will be redeeming mine... but seriously?  LOL!  I hope they send me one every few weeks.  Thanks in advance, Victoria's Secret Angels!

Its the kids' spring break back at home and I wish I was there to spend the time with them.  I am secretly jealous of my Sister who lives so close to home (well, not really... a good three hours) and gets to visit them often.  I'm glad she is there though because we get along and she usually tells me what is going on back at home that my Mother tends to not tell me.  It used to be the other way around when I lived at home.  Haha!  I miss my Family... AGAIN.  I also miss my friends.  I haven't really seen any of them since I've been back.  I've also just been lazy and just wanna lay around at home and watch movies with my Husband every evening and fall asleep early... or really late after a very loooong conversation laying in bed.  I like having someone to talk to every night.  Actually, I like having someone to talk to at all times!  :)

Tomorrow is my first ever Yelp Elite event!  I'm soooo excited to take advantage of the free food and drinks and from the looks of it, there are going to be so many different businesses there catering to us "Elites".  I've heard great things about these parties, so that is why I am sooooooo excited!  Eeeep!  I mean... Yelpppppp!!

Okay... I know this post was probably meaningless and pointless, but oh well!  The randoms of me!  Have a great day, everyone!


  1. I am in Michigan only about one & a half hours from my family and I miss them terribly too. Everyone's getting old and moving on with their families and it's sad. :( How did you get so far away from your family to begin with?

  2. After my wedding, I moved down here to California where my Husband lives and works. I actually have tons of family down here, so its not THAT bad, but I have a huge family and am such a baby and always miss them and cry thinking about them. My master plan is to move my family down here after I get everything settled. OR... I can just win the lottery and move them all down here/have a private jet to bring me back and forth whenever I want. :) Which reminds me... MUST GO BUY LOTTERY TICKET TODAY. I swear, its my calling.

  3. you're sooo making me want sushi! i love sushi!

    i'm crossing my toes and fingers for you too! Hope you get the job and win the LOTTERY!!!


  4. i loooooooove sushi! hope you get the job too!

  5. i love sushi! My favorite is the S&M from Miyako. mmmmmm

    Hey, i didn't get another free panty from VS!!!! hmph!
    I plan to go back on 4/1 anyways....the last time I was there, they gave me a secret card worth $10, $50, $100, or $500...(at least I think that's the increments) anyways, i won't know how much I got until i go buy and then they'll tell me. even if it's $10, that's almost a free pair of panty.

    crossing my fingers, toes, and eyeballs for you to get the job....ok, maybe not so much the eyeballs, but hope you still get the job.

  6. looks like raw fish... sushi yuck (ers)

  7. thyda there is no such thing as too much undies! and im excited to book my flight to see you soon =D you know i netflix now and dont even bother going out... i prefer to stay in and watch movies or just chill. its just the way it is =D did you get a card from VS where you have to come back in april and see how much off you get?? i cant wait to buy more undies =P family is where your heart is =D and i see that your heart is in many different places =( but soon you'll get to see them again =D mamas are always the ones to miss the most =D

  8. well well what a lucky girl you are, that's love ;) <333

  9. See, I'm the opposite of you. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my family, but I'm okay being away from them. They were really mean to me as a kid, so even though we're really close now as adults, I don't crave being around them as much as normal people do. I miss my best friends much more than I miss my family, as mean as that sounds. I think I feel like my BFFs are more my family than my family--which is opposite of how most people I know feel.

    Your husby is so sweet. SUSHI. GOD, that stuff looks amazing.

    That TaDa person--small stomach mind. LOL.

    You ran with beer tummy? OMG, if I had beer in my stomach, I'd throw up.

    I went for a trail run yesterday and... well I only finish 2.5 mi, but those hills and tree roots killed me! OMG.

  10. i'm totally craving sushi now after seeing this post. are those really the names of the rolls? lol!


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